Studying in China

Discover what Chinese Medicine can do to enhance your Health and Wellbeing!

My name is Mervi. Welcome to my Chinese Medicine and Swedish Massage Practice in Jyväskylä city center.

You will get a fluent English speaking service at my practice. I lived in London for seven years and studied for my first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) degree in China in English. My keen interest in Chinese Medicine and Health started in London early in 2000, where I trained in TaiChi with a wonderful teacher, Dr. Mark Green.

I have a WHO-certified diploma for Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. In addition I have completed a four-year course on the Stems & Branches Acupuncture in Finland.  This allows me to offer a wide range of services to my customers and help them to achieve better health and well-being.

On the top of the holistic Acupuncture treatments, I am a specialist in Chinese Medicine Dietary, Tonic Herbs, Fire Needle therapy and Cosmetic Acupuncture.  This offers a natural facelift without a knife or chemicals. It is an uplifting treatment that benefits your face, body and mind. I have trained Cosmetic Acupuncture with one of the pioneers in the field, Virginia Doran, in London. I also master Scalp acupuncture, which is very effective in helping people with psychological conditions, post-stroke and other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, Alzheimer, Dementia etc. For certain conditions I may recommend carefully selected organic herbs or supplements in order to aid recovery.

Furthermore, I am a certified Swedish Massage Therapist. You can choose a classic Swedish Massage treatment or combine it with Acupressure, Cupping, Acupuncture or Fire Needle, if you wish. Regenerative and detoxing massage, as well as relaxing full body pampering treatments with aromatherapeutic oils and hot stones are also available.

Mervi Kumpulainen at your service

Massage and Acupuncture Jyväskylä

Prices (incl. 24% VAT for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments)

Acupuncture 60–90 min | 65 €
Acupuncture with individual Chinese Medicine based diet consultation incl. follow-ups 2 – 3hrs| 95-135 €
Cosmetic Acupuncture 120 min | 98 € (discounts for a series apply)
Massage 45 min | 45 €
Massage 60 min | 50 €
Massage-Acupuncture Combo-treatment 90 min | 78 €
Massage -Cupping Combo-treatment 60-90 min | 60-75€
Cupping treatment 30 min | 35 €
Fire needle treatment or scar treatment 20–30 min | 25-30 €

More treatment options and prices available. Please contact me.

Last minute cancellations and missed appointments are charged in full.

Contact details:

Unfortunately I am unable to take new patients this spring. I am away in India for new studies and rejuvenation. You are welcome to contact me again after 13th May 2019.

Mervi Kumpulainen
050 5707160